Just making a little wish list for anybody who fancy making getting me a little gift;)

These are a few things I have been lusting over for the past few weeks/months and years.

I saw these flares before Christmas and fell in love. I didn’t purchase them because i had a feeling they would go into the sale. And I was correct. Click HERE to get them at the sale price.

Its safe to say that the Baker boy cap has had a huge come back this past season. I have wanted one for a little while but have been holding off because I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be around too long, however I think i may be wrong so I could be very soon purchasing this particular one. Click HERE  to purchase. 

I have wanted one of these shaggy cardigans since about September but event wanted to take the plunge because I’m not sure wether its worth the money but i will be for sure pouncing on it as soon as there is a sale. This can be worn day and night and will spice up any outfit. 

So there we have it a few of my items on my wish list right now. If anybody fancy treating me it would not go un-noticed.

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