Although investing sounds like it would be expensive it is cheaper in the long term. Investing in your look saves you from constantly wasting your money on fast fashion. However there are only certain items that I would invest in and these are : Bags, shoes, coats/jackets and accessories.

A good classic bag can last you a lifetime and if picked correctly will never go out of style.  A good quality bag does not have to cost you thousands, there are plenty of lower scale designers who’s quality and style are just as good. For example : Micheal Kors , Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs and plenty of others.

When it comes to accessories other than bags I believe an item worth investing in is a good pair of sunglasses. beside the fact that bad quality sunglasses can do more harm to your eyes than good they often don’t last very long. the plastic becomes brittle and they are easily breakable. Along with quality a good pair of sunglasses can change an entire look. A nice pair of designer glasses can take a Primark outfit and make it look expensive. Sunglasses are also a great way into the designer market because they are the most affordable products high end companies sell. Have a look into Raybans , Celine and my favourite Muimui.


A good pair of shoes can be worn day in day out and simply have the heels updated when needed. Leather lasts a life time and Colour stays bright. Shoes do not need to be expensive and do not need to be designer in order to be good quality as most hughstreet stores sell leather, well heeled shoes for a reasonable price. Shoes are a necessity so save yourself the time money and hassle and invest in a good pair. 

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