Edward Enninful joined British Vogue at the end of 2017 with a vision of diversity and celebration of British culture in mind, as Edwards mother had moved to England as an immigrant when he was a child his knowledge of British culture is a melting pot and he has definatly emulated this in the May 2018 Issue of vogue “New frontiers”.

In an recent Vogue.com article Edward said “time has come for us to look forward. In short, it is a moment for Vogue to do what it has always done best: to offer a bold vision of what the future can – and should – look like.” READ THE ARTICLE HERE

The cover was shot by Craig McDean British Fashion Photographer and is a vision of what Edward’s Vogue thinks the future should look like. The most upcoming female influencers and Models are featured on the cover. All different skin colours, sizes, nationalities are represented.  Aside from the physical diversity the models also come from varying backgrounds including refugee camps. Edward was quoted saying “To me they represent a new global idea that anything is possible.”

The styling was consciously dressing the women to be ready for anything. Durable,versitile and strong. I love the styling of this cover. It’s no fads and to me the similar shades and silhouettes shows off the women themselves and sets them all on a level playing field.

If you are or aren’t a vogue buyer/reader I highly recommend purchasing this May issue, simply because you are watching history be made. Like it or not Vogue and the fashion industry have a huge influence on every tiny part of our lives ( if you think it doesn’t effect you, it does). Wether it be physically the trends we wear or physiologically the way we view different people. Vogue is a power house and we should all be supporting anybody/corporation who are trying to change stigmas and create a more accepting future.

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