Cooking was not something I was good at before I moved out and into halls. Not because I’m not capable but because I just never really had an inspiration or ambition to try and make anything other than macaroni cheese or toast.

Well those two meals get extremely repetitive after about a week of having them everyday so I have had to start at least trying to come up with something slightly more interesting while on a budget and with low cooking skill sets. These are some of my favourites.

Risotto: Risotto was always something my mum would make and I would love but I just presumed was out of the option. This however is not the case. you can have pretty much whatever fillings in risotto and the rice itself is so easy and takes barely any looking after. My favourite fillings for it are bacon and broccoli,Mushroom and any kind of Veg. It takes 20 mins however only about five of those twenty actually need monitoring. Price wise its a win because all you need it the rice itself which is cheap and then the cost of the meal is up to you depending on what you want to fill it with.

Bacon wrapped Cheesy Chicken: This is one of my FAVOURITE meals because its soooo filling and reminds me of home. Sooo easy to make and can go with whatever you want, be it chips or veg. It sounds like it could be pricey but when cooking for one person it is as cheap as anything else. Buy a pack of chicken breasts and freeze the left overs for another meal. Cheese lasts a very long time when in the fridge so that can be used time and time again and Bacon has a reasonably long keeping time as well so this meal can be re worked into many others in the future.

Stirfry: So easy to make and very cheap and cheerful. Stirfry packet sauces cost around 50p and noodles when cooking for one will last at least 5 meals. You can make it veggie if wanted or to save money and it will use up anything in your fridge. This meal takes less than ten minutes.

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