I created a zine for clothing brand TSPTR in order to connect the brand with a younger female audience. TSPTR as a brand draws on styles and messages from throughout history, with each item holding sentimentality or political value. 

I decided that in order to connect and relate to young women I would use the idea of “like mother like daughter”. This allowed me to connect with young females but also connect with the brand through their conecpt of history and upcycling trends from the past.

I found this prosess particularaly enthraulling and invigorating as the content created was our own personal connections with our mothers. This sentimementality I felt was the key to the concept of the Zine.







I learnt a lot of new skills and gained experience in many pre existing skills during the Zine making process.

 I had to be part of all processes. From the concept and creating the content, from  planning the layout all the way to hand binding the Zines. I had a lot of fun and found it very rewarding holding my hand crafted zine and seeing it on display at the Nottingham Contemporary Museum. 

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