So you may be a bit confused about the title but let me explain…. Toddler Chic is the name I have given to everything from jumpsuits, playsuits ,babydoll dresses and any kind of 90’s accessories or jewellery. Throw back styling has been a huge trend for the last few years and it will continue to for the foreseeable future. To sum it up its dressing as an over grown toddler.


Some People might be a bit scared of this but those who know, know. its the most practical type of styling and also the most fun. Here of some examples of what I have purchased recently under my “toddler chic” umbrella.

This is the most recent addition to my wardrobe and will definatly be a favourite for the summer.  A loose fitting play suit with buttons all the way down the centre and thick straps. The fact the jumpsuit doesn’t have much shape to it means its really comfortable and childlike. I also want to add that this style of jumpsuit is a really simple shape and would be really easy to copy and make in your own desired fabric which is something I’m planning on doing.

Primark £10!!! (very recent stock so grab while its there).

So please excuse the photograph quality but this is another of my “toddler chic” choices. However this is actually children’s wear. I found this in M&S recently and was amazed to find out their sizes go up to age 16 (which btw fits me a size 10) so don’t rule out teen sizing. The oversized bow and nautical stripe is fun and playful. And I’ve had many compliments while wearing it. I’m just waiting for the day I bump into a 5 year old wearing the same thing haha.

(As well as having much more playful patterns children close also tend to be cheaper so yeh don’t rule it out as an option.)

On to Accessories. I recently found a bag in a charity shop that was identical to  some of the Shrimps bags for this season (Shrimps is a brilliant example of a brand doing this trend well, not taking themselves too seriously). The idea is looking back on the bags we as children in the 90’s and 2000″s  for our holidays to put our polly pockets in.

If your looking for anything similar to give your look a playful summer throwback feel then topshop and shrimps are doing some very similar bags. Other than that you can be patient and look through the charity shops for a genuine “2000”s holiday handbag”.

If your looking for a more subtle way to brighten up your wardrobe and styling then these next two might be for you.

Colourful hair accessories. I found these recently in Primark and have been wearing one per day ever since. They are amazing to match your outfit and to give a bit of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. I also find that with dark hair sometimes your hairstyles go missed because plaits and such kind of just blend into the darkness. These bobbles make sure that doesn’t happen.

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