I really believe the Topshop X Stranger things collaboration was the best of 2017. It was so clever and extremely successful.

Topshop noticed the buzz Stranger things had created during season 1 and made sure they were going to be the first to sell merchandise for the show. This was perfect for Topshop because the series and the shop have the exact same audience and topshop had realised because of the shows 80’s setting the revival of the 80’s in fashion that there was a gap in the market for bringing stranger things off the screen and into fashion.

They were very clever in the Launch of the collection and created a huge buzz around it by creating installations of scenes from the series in the head oxford street store. People were so excited because the show had became cult and being able to see the sets in person brought the love for the show to new extremes. The fact the merchandise was limited made it even more special as people were rushing to grab something before it was all gone.

I really do think this was the best campaign of 2017 because it supported both sides. The show gained even more anticipation and topshop many more customers.

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