The brief for this project was to create a brand film and integrated marketing campaign for a  live Skinny Dip brief.  We took visual and narrative inspiration from the film Carlitos way and along with the umbrella of travel products we planned  our creative concept. 

In order to allow ourselves more creative freedom we decided to take the “travel” section of the brief laterally and therefore went down the route of travel as a journey. This lead us to the drag community and specifically Selma ( a local Drag artist). 

Our concept was to highlight the artistry and journey it takes a drag artist to become their drag persona. We did so by taking  inspiration from Carlitos way for our dual lighting and mirror shots (allows the viewer to feel in on something they shouldnt be watching).  We decorated our set in maximalist colours, patterns and props in order to stay on brand and filmed the transition and process to go from one persona to another.

As well as creating a visually appealing and intriuging video I also conducted an interview with Selma while filming which gave a deep personal recolection  of her first time in drag and how the community opperates. I felt this was very key in making sure the video was educational and celebratory. For this reason the interview played as a audio throughout the film.

During this project I was able to explore industry syle deadlines and briefs and also cast and cooporate with talent. The video celebrated the art of drag while simultaniously educating skinnydip consumers on a community who are often overlooked or fetishised in media. I think the film was very much on brand for Skinnydip but also pushes them out of their comfort zone into a subject area they previously may have seen as too daunting or bold for their brand. 

I made sure the concept stayed cohesive throughout the brand by planning a integrated marketing campaign to accompany the video and to act as a veisle for the film.

Mockups were very helpful in helping the brand visualise the concept and allowed them to imerse themselves in the idea.

Throughout this brief I was able to build on skills in all areas of brand identity, idea generation, directing and working on outcomes. It was very benificial to see and work through every step from the first mindmap to the final presntation of a campaign 

I came away with a broad undertsnading of all areas of the process. 



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