This body of work was created in responce to a brief asking for a piece of Visual Merchandising for & Other Stories. It was to also incorporate the trend of ASMR. I took inspiration from the new in page of the brands website and mixed the trend of snake skin with ASMR to create this interactive enviromental experience for the consumer. Day to night changing effects and video and audio recordings allowed the consumer to feel emersed in the snakes enviroment.


I made sure that the VM concept was something that could be carried through all aspects of the brand. I did this by incorporating Interactive buttons and audio clips on the website which would draw attention to the new in page. I really enjoyed mixing two media’s together during this project, (VM and ASMR. )

This project pushed me to create a piece of work as a responce to a trend. Being ontop of what is current is a key trait in visual merchandising as it is an emersive experience and plays on what the consumer connects to. Knowing the consumer and what they are involved in or interested in is detrimental to the success of a visual merchandiing campaign. 






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