We have been given a 1 hour slot with a photographer to create some content to use however we wish in our outcomes for the demos brand development.

In order to use the hour to its full we have planned out each shot we want and have tested how they will look/ camera angles we want by doing a short iPhone test shoot before hand. This is how it turned out.

We have decided to go quite abstract with the imagery because our consumer (Gen-z) see thousands of images per day and they need something refreshing and interesting to catch their eye. We are using the colours of the three fragrances and abstract geometric shapes/lines to draw on the idea of connections between scent and memory by physically linking our models together.

We like the idea of creating interesting backgrounds by simply holding corresponding colours behind our models.

We tested the colourful face looks using makeup first and realised it wasn’t coming up very vibrant on camera so decided in the actual shoot we will use paint so it can be seen clearer through a lens.

In order to show our consumer something they haven’t seen before we also looked into using the models without showing their faces. It allows us to do interesting crops and corresponds to the packaging and typography for the brand with the vertical and diagonal shapes.

Another idea that we like is showing a wider angle of the shot, allowing the consumer to see how the image was created. This is because it adds an element of trust and transparency which are both qualities we want our brand to have.

I will be uploading images from the professional shoot shortly with some feedback and ideas to take them forward into our outcomes.

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