This is going to be the beginning of a mini series on my blog called “Nemos , a fragrance to remember”. Nemos being the name of a fragrance brand me and my team have created that “enables you to unlock your potential using the link between memory and scent”. This is the first section of the brand development and shows you the process we went through to research fragrance and decide the route we wanted to go down when it came to the story of our brand.

This is the ideas stage which is primary research and original and immediate ideas from the research.

At the beginning of the assignment we had a trip to London to see whats out there in the perfume market and to collect research about trends we notice/any gaps in the market. We noticed two trends 1) “the lab trend” all about simplistic packaging and scientific stories to give the consumer trust in the brand 2) “memories and experiences” drawing on the idea that memory and scent are connected and people want to buy into experiences over product. This is the trend we decided to draw from for our brand.

We noticed in many of the high end fragrance shops that sets or fragrance stories told through more than one bottle was popular , we liked this idea as it allows us to be more versatile when thinking of a concept.

When looking into ongoing issues in society I came across this artical that states ” exam students should smell rosemary for memory ” this triggered an idea in me to rule out just a regular fragrance and look into creating a brand who’s story is to help people succeed and reach their potential.

Here we have shown the thought process we as a group went through to reach the idea of a brand to enhance potential using the link between memory and scent.

A simple consumer profile helped us to show when presenting who our idea is aimed at and helps us as a group to stay on task and make sure the idea is always relating back to the consumer.

After we landed on a brand concept we collected some primary research to make sure that our idea is something that is needed/wanted for our consumer. Which it was.

The next step for Nemos is the concepts stage, the concepts stage is where we will dig deeper into the story of our brand/our morals and who we are. This will be coming soon!

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