Following on from my previous post I wanted to give a little incite into how the images were created. So here are some behind the scenes images and videos of the Nemos outcomes photoshoot.

We were lucky enough to work with a professional photographer who has a studio here in Nottingham. We met him the day before to go though the concept and he got it straight away and did an amazing job at aiding us and giving constructive criticism without emposing or changing the concept at all.

A key tip I have for directing a photoshoot with a team is to create a shot list. Its very easy to say you will decide on the day or see how it goes, but without clear vision of how the time will go you can end up all stood around making “hmm” noises hoping inspiration will hit you. Its unfair and uncomfortable for the models and photographer if they have to carry the shoot for you and take charge themselves.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a bit of what happens behind the camera of a shoot and if you want to see more behind the scenes and post production incites then follow me over on my instagram HEREĀ !

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