I am so happy with how the Nemos concepts shoot went. I think the images express exsactly what we wanted to get through via them. The idea of three different personas relating to their fragrance but also relating to the idea of connections (memory and scent). Using abstract shapes and lines which are drawn across the models and at points connect them.

 Emily was our “Jasmine“. Who’s personality is vibrant, excitable and free. 

Steph was our “lemon“. Personality is happy, bubbly and kind.

Becca was “lavender“. Personaily is calm, relaxed and peaceful.

Next for Nemos: 

The next step in this mini series is using these images within our chosen outcomes (ways of reaching our consumer). E.g an instagram campaign or imagery for print advertisement.

Watch this space to see how we use the images within our brand.

Follow the behind the scenes of the work on my instagram. HERE


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