The brief for this project was to explore the connotations of a given colour and create a narrative around it. The colour my group was given was green from which we mindmapped and found a section of the colour that signifies discomfort and “repulsiveness”. Using the contrasting and opposing colour Red we made connections between the colours and something “repulsive” which led us to Menstration. The Female period has always been a tabboo subject and something which has been seen through society as “repulsive”. Due to the current climate including the “Me too” movement, womens march and so on We thought this was a very apt and timely subject to broach through our film. 

In order to show the hypocrasy and societal perception of Menstration we decided to use comparison to highlight differences. In order to do this we switched the norm and created a “day in the life” of a man on his period. 


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