Soooooooooo, for anybody who doesn’t know what has gone on here let me explain, earlier this week lush the cosmetics company unveiled a new campaign. Lush are know for creating risky and attention grabbing campaigns (have a read about a previous campaign I’ve looked into HERE) however this new one has not quite gone down as planned.

The “paid to lie” campaign is shedding light on the issues facing the police recently with “spy cops” being named. It has come to the publics attention that there have been instances where Officers have been living a double life and often for years acting as spouses , friends , sexual partners to many leaders and powerful people working in activism in order to gain intelegence on their movements and intentions.

Many, many people have criticised Lush with opinions about how disrespectful it is to the officers who put their lives at risk for us , and that “its the victims fault and they should be aware of the possibilities that come with their activism roles”. However the campaign is still due to run for three weeks and im sure many more opinions will surface during that time.

I wanted to share my opinion as a Fashion Communications student who hopes to be working with the people making these decisions in the future.

I believe that the intentions of Lush were never to offend all officers and upset the public, I think they were as they normal  just trying to shed light on a situation that the public may not be aware of.

However they took a risk with the verbal and non verbal language of the campaign and it did not pay off, I think they should have taken the standpoint of helping the victims and getting their stories out there without the negative slashing of the Police.

No matter what your opinion of the situation is there is no doubting that the campaign has taught people who weren’t aware of it, that it is an issue at hand that needs addressing. Maybe this wasn’t a risk to not pay off and maybe this was the intention all along . Perhaps Lush was aware of the controversy they would make but weren’t scared of it. So maybe this is actually a very smart publicity stunt created by the Lush team and that they just have some hugeeeeeeee balls and a massive passion for the project.

Let me know your opinion I would love to know!

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