Soooo as most people know the 2018 series of love island started a few days ago and I for one am very excited. I was glued to the show last year and I have been morning the loss of it till this season arrived.

Although most of us have a guilty pleasure for the show should we be encouraging it?

There are many issues with the show. Theres the issue of only seeing perfect bodies, the idea of relationships being a sort of contract/ ownership, Peoples value being calculated by their physical appearance and the idea that girls still dumb themselves down to seem “cute”. In 2018 should this even be allowed on tv?

In a time where self love and body positivity is on the up it seems a bit backwards to be showing only perfect skinny ,gorgeous bodies. It sends all the wrong signals, that your value in a relationship is based on your looks and that only one type of body is beautiful. However are we being too sensitive? Would we enjoy it as much if the reality of what bodies really look like was shown? All good questions and I don’t believe there is really a right answer. My view is that although i would love to see some curvier women and some men with dad bods I just don’t think Love Island is at the top of the worry list for this type of issue. In a time where tensions are so high maybe a little bit of harmless perfection isn’t any harm? What do you think? Or do you not care? Maybe you just like to sit back and thank god it isn’t you on there.

One issue I  do have  with  program is the idea of the girls dumbing themselves down for the camera and the boys. Its a childish idea and something that most males/females would actually agree is a turn off. However I don’t want to bad mouth the girls because I know that most of what we see has been carefully edited to look a certain way and I guarantee the stuff we don’t see it the stuff we really need to see.

Although we could say a lot of bad stuff about the program there is no denying it’s entertaining and very successful year after year. I will continue to watch for the summer (of course) i just think its important that while we sit back and turn off from the real world we don’t get too caught up thinking Love Island is a real world.

What would you like to see change about the show for future years? Same sex couples? Yes thats something I would like to see!

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