So my first term at Nottingham Trent has been and gone, I learnt a lot, met a lot of new people and now can reflect on wether it was what I thought it would be or different. I hope this post could give some tips on staying sane and making it through your first term.

I knew I was going to find it hard to settle in to University because I’m such a home girl. I love being in the comfort of my own house with my family and dog so I was prepared for some unsettledness but i don’t believe I was prepared for the scale this was on. This luckily only lasted around two weeks and then it became quite normal. Lets just say my first night of freshers was interesting and very short lived due to drunken emotions. Tip for freshers: If your sensitive or feel home sick do be careful with how much you drink because it will end up in tears. Speaking of freshers… don’t feel like you are obligated to go out. Try to involve yourself as much as you can but forcing yourself to go when you don’t fancy it just isn’t a good idea. I myself was an awful fresher and lasted a very weak 3 of 7 days, although I will say now I am glad I didn’t force myself as I would have just ended up wasting money.

Money itself is something that has been interesting. I remember at the very start of the term thinking “wow I don’t know why people ever say students are broke”, because at the time I seemed to have so much I was swimming in it. This is very short lived and you will very quickly find yourself eating your words or even worst not eating at all due to lack of money. This seems like hell but you soon learn how to budget and how to make a little go a long way.

The degree itself : I am very sure at this point that I made the right choice with my uni course because I find myself in ore during lectures at the knowledge and experience lecturers have. Although one small issue is finding the power in yourself to get up and into the lecture theatre. Don’t let yourself miss one because its a slippery slope into sleeping through every single one. Remember its your money your wasting nothing else.

Meeting new people can be very daunting but everyone is in the same boat and if you put yourself out there people will reciprocate the effort. Don’t worry if in the beginning you don’t feel like you belong because the people you spend your time with in the beginning won’t necessarily be the people you end up spending your time with after a few weeks have passed. Learn to treasure your own company and make effort with friends you make because its very easy to isolate yourself so force yourself to be proactive.

Please,please,please join a society even if you arn’t interested in the subject, Society’s are the best way to meet like minded people and gives you a night to look forward to each week. Don’t be intimidated because they are very welcoming and anything goes.

Reading this back it seems like I had an awful time but I can say that isn’t true but I cannot lie and pretend everything is happy days because sometimes it is hard and lonely. Just remember what your there for and don’t be too hard on yourself. Bring on term two!

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