This years 2018 H&m/ designer collar has been announced and its Moschino! The announcement was made at designer jeremy Scotts 11th party at Coachella just gone!

Jeremys long standing collab with Adidas ended in 2017 leaving him the space to work with another brand. Jeremy said “My life’s work has been to connect with people through fashion, and with this collaboration I’ll be able to reach more of my fans than I’ve ever had the ability to do.” The collabs are often much pricier than standard H&m but a fraction of the price of designer so the collections sell out almost immediately.

Jeremy and good friend Gigi Hadid announced the collaboration wearing sneak peaks of the collection and it has made me very excited to see the rest of the collection.

The collar will not be for the faint hearted (as all Moschino is) but defiantly looks authentic Jeremy.

To be released November 8th 2018!

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