I want to tell you about a Podcast that has genuinely changed the way I think about the industry I want to go into and also changed the gap between myself and this seemingly unreachable “success” I strive for. Girlboss radio is a podcast ran by Girlboos medias CEO Sophia Ammarusso. I have written a blog post about Sophia in the past which you can read HERE explaining her background and why she , to me is the ultimate Girlboss and inspiration to aspiring business women and just women in general. The podcast is a weekly dedication to all self made women not only from the fashion industry but from all walks of life. Sophia and her weeks guest who have In the past included CEO of Manrepller.com and CEO of cosmetic brand Carols Daughter. Sophia and her guest talk you through everything up to the point they are at now. Childhood, schooling and all the details on how their platforms were created.

Sophia is explaining and bridging the gap for us how something goes from an idea to a fully functional business. The aim is to show that anybody with an idea or passion can monazite it. The podcast gives me a sense of power that if I did decide to I could become my own boss. The women she interviews are so inspiring and the dialect used in the conversations is astonishing and really allows you as an outsider to understand that self made “success” is not an untouchable ,dreamy idea but more of a fallen into step by step process. The help me know that if you yourself don’t have the tools to run every aspect as long as you have the ambition its just about gaining contacts and knowing the right people who know the right things.

I highly recommend the podcast to aspiring business women or just anybody who want to have their mind opened up and to allow yourself to know there are options out there wether you have 1 pound to your name or not a single qualification on your Cv. You can listen to the pod cast HERE

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