I recently had the opportunity to take part in a Fragrence work shop with a company called Experimental perfume club. This was to aid a current assigment focusing on the story telling behind a product/concept.

Experimental perfume Club is a company who allow you to “design and create your bespoke fragrance in a perfume lab”. The concept of the company is “tell your story through fragrance”. They offer workshops to aspiring perfumers and offer a service to create bespoke scents for any occasion or brand.


We started out by learning some fragrance terminology. We did this by smelling and trying to pick out key notes in different fragrances we were given. In Perfume there are three main groups of scent that are used to make one fragrance/perfume:

TOP: “The intrigue, instant impression, but fleeting e.g citrus 30%”.                                       HEART: “The signature, most important characteristics e.g floral, aromatic, spicy 40%”.                                                                                                                                               BASE: “The Depth , lingers longest , roots the scent e.g oriental , woody, musky 30%”.

There are names given to scents with similar traits and these are called “Olfactory notes”. Bellow you can see common groupings.

Before we delved into mixing notes we followed the steps taken by professionals and decided on a scent story that we were aiming to create a fragrance to represent. I decided on a fragrance for a “Generation Z” politically aware individual who has no interest in conforming to gender roles especially, and is looking for a fragrance that could be sold without restrictions of who it is aimed for. With this story in mind we began mixing our notes.


In Fragrance everything is measured in Grams and adds up to 100%. This is because commonly when creating you are filling a bottle that holds 10g this just allows the mathematics to be simple. For example we used 35%/3.5g of citrus, 25%/2.5g of Amber,  15%/1.5g of Spicy,  10%/1g Woody and then accented with 10%/1g of floral and 5%/0.5g Fruity.

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable but also extremely educational and has helped me understand terminology/ the ways to describe fragrance in ways that will allow me to articulate myself correctly and professionally when it comes to creating the story/ product for my future fragrance for the assignment.



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