For my most recent assignment I was given the brand W Hotels to create a fragrance for. The brand is a branch of the Starwood hotels company and is aimed at millennial ages 18-30.

The Hotel company prides themselves off of being an experiential stay and somewhere connected to all sorts of pop culture for young adults to make memories.

I started off my making a simple mind map of all the ideas that first popped into my mind and then narrowed it down to three favourite ideas.

I looked into detail at the three ideas and then decided on the one “big idea”.

This is what i came up with:

” A set of Genderless fragrances. Each W hotel location to have its own specific scent linked to its location. Available in the hotel gift shops and also given in comfort packs (tester size) on flights. This means the W hotel name will be seen by people who haven’t heard of it before but also allows people who can’t afford the brand to be included ( a gateway product). The products will be part of a collection to encourage consumers to travel more to collect more and to also allow them to have a tangible way to remember their experiences and physically see their memories stack up.”

If your interested in seeing this idea through to the outcomes stage keep an eye out for the following parts of this mini series.


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