The next step in creating the look for my fragrance idea was to decide on the visual look and language of the brand. In order to do this i created three mood boards with three possible themes for the fragrance.

  1. CLASSIC AND CLEAN: This theme is the idea of sticking with how hotel products currently look. The minimalism trend has been very popular the past few years and the “laboratory” trend has been particularly big in the past year or so. The idea of knowing ingredients and trusting a brand.

2 ) COLOUR AND POP-CULTURE: this theme is playing on and linking to the idea of the W-Hotels brand being heavily linked with pop culture, music and fashion. It is the idea of the bottles themselves being collaborations with local artists.

3) The third idea is focusing on the idea of travel and memories. Having the aesthetic of the brand to be very story based and less about the product and more about the location you collect it from. Quite a simplistic look with key words and locations.

Next I wanted to make sure I got the opinion of the consumer themselves. Which luckily are all the people Who i follow/follow me back online. Therefore I chose my two top themes and created a ballot on instagram to get the opinion of the age range themselves.

The Winning theme was ” Colourful/pop-culture”. If your interest in seeing how i will use this theme to communicate the story/idea keep your eye out for part 3!


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