The Brief for this project was to create a Photostory for ASOS magazine that represented “Gender neutrality” within the brand. 

I decided that in order to make the shoot completely genderless I would remove the aspect of gender all together. I did so by using no model. Instead I brought the clothes to life by stuffing and placing them strategically.

 I really enjoyed this project because it was something completely different to me as I had never shot without a model before. This really pushed me to further my creative concepts and focus on the photography and bringing the product to life. I think the concept really hit the brief and I also think that is is a very on brand shoot for Asos due to the colour pallet, items photographed and the choice of location. 










During this project for ASOS I was able to further my knowledge of brand identity. In order to create a shoot In ASOS’s style I needed to understand the brand throughougly and know what they would/wouldnt do (brand tone of voice). I was able to do this by disecting ASOS’s imagery and picking out running themes throughout their magazine. Also by comparing it to what the brand is not as a way to detect what they are. 

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