Before deciding it was Fashion Communication I was keen on I spent a lot of time learning the technical sides of garment making. I did this for three years over my GCSE’s and my college course. These are a few of my garments made and designed to fit a certain brief.

This was my first ever full hand made Outfit, before this I had made a few smaller items. This was my GCSE final piece to fit a brief I chose on recycling. I based my designs on the idea of upcyling. I collected a lot of second hand shirts and re-used them to create this 50’s style two piece co-ord. I was so happy with this in the end and I still love it to this day. I loved making it and It got me a A at GCSE.

This was my first garment on my Fashion and Clothing course at Warwickshire College. The brief was set to us by a woman who has acquired the designs and fabrics from a lady called Shila Bownas. She was looking to have the fabrics used in an innovative way to show to her customers they can be used in many ways. We took inspiration from the 60’s style patterns and we created mini dresses. I was learning to use different surface techniques which is why there is appliqué and screen print used. My dress was one chosen to go in a local exhibition over the summer in Rugby.

This outfit is not the most attractive but fit the brief. We had to design and make a “work wear” inspired garment testing our capability of working with thick denim fabrics.

This was a brief called the ‘white project” we had to pick a time era and design and make a all white undergarment piece. I chose the 50’s and went for a “baby-doll” style sleep dress. I added a LOT of hand made and hand applied roses onto the bustier.

This was a brief called “outer wear’ which again had to be inspired by an era, I chose 60’s and looked into the space-race and use of metallics.

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