It is not a secret that when a social media “influencer” gains a large amount of followers brands want to work with them. This is called a Brand deal. A brand deal is basically a virtual advertisement space  that brands use to advertise their product. They take advantage of the  platform a influencer has made for themselves by paying the youtube/blogger (whatever they may be) to  feature the brands products in a Instagram post or review on a youtube channel. Some larger brands have in the past few years been making this one of their main ways of advertising  and taking Bloggers/Instagramers/Youtubers on luxury holidays to meet brand Ambassadors and see the new products with the hope or in some cases agreement that they will document their time with the brand and share with their audiences.

Social Media influencers be it YouTubers or instagramers are a way company’s can reach larger audiences with their products on wider platforms than just their own, as the Influencers have gained a sort of celebrity culture of their own with some you tubers such as Zoella (lifestyle and Beauty Guru) gaining followings of 10k plus. Examples of where this has been very effective is with instagram influencer Tammy Hebrow, Tammy is  a fitness enthusiast who has gained a huge 7 million audience on her Instagram account. Tammy is sponsored by companies such as ‘Woman’s Best’ to upload “content” which she will be paid for and allow her to make a living from being on Instagram, While Women’s Best get publicity from somebody who’s followers will buy the products from her review as they trust her judgement and strive to be just like her.

An example where this has been done a lot recently is with Reserved, a Polish company new to the UK this month. They have 1,700 stores in 18 Countries. On this 6th of September Reserved launched in the UK, opening up their new Flagship store in London on Oxford Street.In this few weeks leading up to this launch Reserved flew a selection of Bloggers/Youtubers to Poland to learn about the brand , via private jet. I think this was a very clever marketing tactic to get the name Reserved know in the UK . Many of the guests documented their time with Reserved on Instagram/ Blogs and Youtube which reached collectively millions of followers. Reserved then went on to invite some of the same Influencers to their Launch day to meet and greet followers.  The guests included Kate Moss and Youtuber Tanya Burr who both brought huge amounts of customers keen to meet them and then d some shopping in the new store.


Brand Deals are without a doubt a brilliant way that companies can communicate with their audiences and continue to gain larger audiences. A large amount of the population like to buy products off the back of a review from somebody they trust and this can be found on Youtube and other social media platforms. I think that Brands using this type of advertisment  are following the times and allowing themselves to grow with their Customers.

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