Betty Magazine is an independent Magazine and Blog. With the aim to “unify women with a youthful state of mind and a Nostalgic heart”. Established in 2010 by Editor Charlotte Jacklin. The team at Betty are aiming to reach women from all walks of life and allow them to indulge in all things Nostalgic and Beautiful , they realise that lot of consumers are stimulated by a more physical, hands on connection , such as magazines which is why a print version of their blog is available to order off their website. Another effective way Betty reaches its audiences and also a lot of companies use as an effective touchpoint is physically interacting with who you are trying to communicate with through meet ups. Betty have set up a club called the “Girls Club” where subscribers to their website can go and meet like-minded people at social events such as knitting clubs, scent making classes and cocktail classes. Betty also offer classes which they hope allow women to become business savvy  and creative as they support small businesses and celebrate everything feminine and hand crafted.

The Girls Club allows Betty to connect directly with their readers and find out exactly what it is they are into/ what content they want to read which allows Betty’s writers to know what content to focus on and how to stay relevant to their readers. Betty is perfect example of how using meet ups as a communicative touchpoint is very effective as they have had a huge request for more Girls club meet ups and tickets sell fast! Check out the Betty Blog here!



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