In my opinion the people who are exploring fashion codes and messages in the most innovative way are the people that are changing with the times and updating their ways of thinking to fit with what the consumer is paying most attention to, which i think at this current time is social media. One example of a company who I believe is doing this very well and really playing on the tool that is social media is “Pretty little thing” who says their customer is the “online savvy shopping generation” The reason I think they are innovative is because they notice what is in pop culture and use it to their advantage. This past summer the popular TV shop “Love Island” grew a huge following with all ages but particularly with teens and young adults/20-somethings, viewers of this show became very attached to the contestants and “PLT” noticed this and have made contestant Montanna Brown a PLT ambassador as well as giving her her own line on the website , this means the reach Montana’s following on social media and gain respect and attention from the millions of viewers for noticing what they are into, other brands such as “BooHoo” have done similar with other contestants.

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