My ultimate Inspiration is Sophia Amoruso (the founder of Nasty Gal). Sophia started her career on Ebay. She was a broke young adult who had a passion for Vintage clothes. She set up a vintage Ebay shop just to pay the bills for a Hernia she had acquired, her shop gained followers very fast and she was selling faster than she could find. Sophia made the switch from Ebay store to her own Nasty Gal website and started the journey of creating an empire for herself hiring the best in the business to help her on her way up.  I believe Sophia is a lady who is translating and projecting in an innovative way ,because she is promoting herself in so many different ways and connecting them all using one mentality which is “girlboss”.  Sophia has had huge success creating her business and wrote a book due to high demand about making it in the business called “girl boss” Buy The Book Here .The book did extremely well and sophia says the book is the mentality of her brand nasty gal. Sophia has not just stopped there and has also reached further audiences and continues to inspire using her podcast where she interviews other “girl bosses” every week and hears their story and how they “made it”.Listen to Girlboss Radio here This allows her to promote both her book and brand and podcast all at the same time as she links them using the “girl boss” mantra it also allows her to keep very up to date with her customers.

Sophia story has now also been made into a fictional series which you can watch on Netflix, its a funny take on her story of making it in the business as her life leading up till now was not plain sailing. I found it highly inspirational as she really did come from nothing and worked her way up in the business with brutal hard work. Sophia is the original GIRLBOSS! shop Nasty Gal Here! 

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