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Pawfect Pair is a self devised project created in response to the ever changing dog – fashion landscape.

Back in January 2019 I took a trip to Berlin to attend the fashion week trade shows. Around this time I was beginning to think about the subject matter I wanted to take forward for my final university project so was on the look out for inspiration. During the trip I was documenting street style through photography, while snapping away I noticed an impeccably dressed lady with a perfecly complimentary pooch by her side. I knew right then that this was it, dogs in fashion was the way forward.

Upon arriving back in the UK I began my process of contextual research and was overwhelmed and blown away with the plethora of research, saturation and issues tied up within what is seemingly at surface level quite a trivial topic. Not knowing where to begin I took myself out to the high street to take a look at what was happening on the entry level within fashion and dogs relationship. Through the process of collect, categorise and annalyse I was able to notice a pattern, three specific breeds were holding a large majority of the landscape. These three breeds later on proved to be what I refer to as the “trendy breeds” or “top dogs”.

Following this pattern insight my research shifted to a much more funnelled approach, I was now interested in why these specific breeds were in the top dog position. The breeds proved to have commonalities within health and ethical issues when it came to breeding, ownership and the implications their trend status had on them.

Having now found my angle I began to brain storm how I as a creative communicator could produce an outcome that has both a creative, inspiring and innovative element while simultaniously providing a solution for the issue I had noticed.

Through idea generation testing techniques such as SCAMPER, consumer research/ collaboration I settled on my big idea.

Big idea: A platform re programming the way millennials carry out the dog purchasing process, steering them away from the grasp of trends by shining a light on alternative suitable breeds in a bid to impact the supply and demand within the trendy dogs landscape.

In order for a creative concept to succeed the consumer must be considered. This was key in my process as I had established a clear City living Millennial consumer. As a result of the emphasis on consumer I was able to recognise nostalgia and gamification as significant methods to refer to when targeting my consumer group.

Creative Concept: Nintendogs Pawfect Pair smart phone app & Pawfect Pair ‘IRL’ events.

To visualise my concept I created mockups of each page of the app and went on to produce a video showing how the consumer would navigate with and through the app. Along with the app I produced a route to consumer pack outlining when, where and how I would get my message across and out to my consumer. (The whole project process and route to consumer can be seen within the visual report I created describing the trendy dogs landscape leading right through to my route to consumer plan).