I really believe the Topshop X Stranger things collaboration was the best of 2017. It was so clever and extremely successful.

Topshop noticed the buzz Stranger things had created during season 1 and made sure they were going to be the first to sell merchandise for the show. This was perfect for Topshop because the series and the shop have the exact same audience and topshop had realised because of the shows 80’s setting the revival of the 80’s in fashion that there was a gap in the market for bringing stranger things off the screen and into fashion.

They were very clever in the Launch of the collection and created a huge buzz around it by creating installations of scenes from the series in the head oxford street store. People were so excited because the show had became cult and being able to see the sets in person brought the love for the show to new extremes. The fact the merchandise was limited made it even more special as people were rushing to grab something before it was all gone.

I really do think this was the best campaign of 2017 because it supported both sides. The show gained even more anticipation and topshop many more customers.


Although investing sounds like it would be expensive it is cheaper in the long term. Investing in your look saves you from constantly wasting your money on fast fashion. However there are only certain items that I would invest in and these are : Bags, shoes, coats/jackets and accessories.

A good classic bag can last you a lifetime and if picked correctly will never go out of style.  A good quality bag does not have to cost you thousands, there are plenty of lower scale designers who’s quality and style are just as good. For example : Micheal Kors , Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs and plenty of others.

When it comes to accessories other than bags I believe an item worth investing in is a good pair of sunglasses. beside the fact that bad quality sunglasses can do more harm to your eyes than good they often don’t last very long. the plastic becomes brittle and they are easily breakable. Along with quality a good pair of sunglasses can change an entire look. A nice pair of designer glasses can take a Primark outfit and make it look expensive. Sunglasses are also a great way into the designer market because they are the most affordable products high end companies sell. Have a look into Raybans , Celine and my favourite Muimui.


A good pair of shoes can be worn day in day out and simply have the heels updated when needed. Leather lasts a life time and Colour stays bright. Shoes do not need to be expensive and do not need to be designer in order to be good quality as most hughstreet stores sell leather, well heeled shoes for a reasonable price. Shoes are a necessity so save yourself the time money and hassle and invest in a good pair. 


The fabulous thing about Faux fur is that it instantly jazzes up any outfit. You could have in the most simple outfit and imediatly look put together by throwing on a Faux fur jacket. (Notice I am saying Faux Fur and not fur because everybody knows real fur is just not jazzy at all.) Here are a few ways I have styled my new favourite faux fur piece.

This is a faux fur coat from Gap that I got in the black Friday sales. I have not yet had a day where I haven’t worn it.

My tips are to keep it simple and slick underneath and let the jacket do the talking. Figure hugging clothing makes for a clean silhouette and lets the colour of the jacket pop.

Here i have styled it with knee high boots for a more put together sophisticated look.

Here i have styled it much more casually with a pair of flares ,crop top and pair of trainers. I really felt like myself in this outfit because it was comfortable and relaxed but still put together and sassy because of the pink fur.

I really do think everybody needs a coloured Faux fur piece in their wardrobe. It changes the way you see outerwear as sometimes it can be seen that a jacket ruins the outfit. But Faux fur IS the outfit.



I want to tell you about a Podcast that has genuinely changed the way I think about the industry I want to go into and also changed the gap between myself and this seemingly unreachable “success” I strive for. Girlboss radio is a podcast ran by Girlboos medias CEO Sophia Ammarusso. I have written a blog post about Sophia in the past which you can read HERE explaining her background and why she , to me is the ultimate Girlboss and inspiration to aspiring business women and just women in general. The podcast is a weekly dedication to all self made women not only from the fashion industry but from all walks of life. Sophia and her weeks guest who have In the past included CEO of and CEO of cosmetic brand Carols Daughter. Sophia and her guest talk you through everything up to the point they are at now. Childhood, schooling and all the details on how their platforms were created.

Sophia is explaining and bridging the gap for us how something goes from an idea to a fully functional business. The aim is to show that anybody with an idea or passion can monazite it. The podcast gives me a sense of power that if I did decide to I could become my own boss. The women she interviews are so inspiring and the dialect used in the conversations is astonishing and really allows you as an outsider to understand that self made “success” is not an untouchable ,dreamy idea but more of a fallen into step by step process. The help me know that if you yourself don’t have the tools to run every aspect as long as you have the ambition its just about gaining contacts and knowing the right people who know the right things.

I highly recommend the podcast to aspiring business women or just anybody who want to have their mind opened up and to allow yourself to know there are options out there wether you have 1 pound to your name or not a single qualification on your Cv. You can listen to the pod cast HERE


Cooking was not something I was good at before I moved out and into halls. Not because I’m not capable but because I just never really had an inspiration or ambition to try and make anything other than macaroni cheese or toast.

Well those two meals get extremely repetitive after about a week of having them everyday so I have had to start at least trying to come up with something slightly more interesting while on a budget and with low cooking skill sets. These are some of my favourites.

Risotto: Risotto was always something my mum would make and I would love but I just presumed was out of the option. This however is not the case. you can have pretty much whatever fillings in risotto and the rice itself is so easy and takes barely any looking after. My favourite fillings for it are bacon and broccoli,Mushroom and any kind of Veg. It takes 20 mins however only about five of those twenty actually need monitoring. Price wise its a win because all you need it the rice itself which is cheap and then the cost of the meal is up to you depending on what you want to fill it with.

Bacon wrapped Cheesy Chicken: This is one of my FAVOURITE meals because its soooo filling and reminds me of home. Sooo easy to make and can go with whatever you want, be it chips or veg. It sounds like it could be pricey but when cooking for one person it is as cheap as anything else. Buy a pack of chicken breasts and freeze the left overs for another meal. Cheese lasts a very long time when in the fridge so that can be used time and time again and Bacon has a reasonably long keeping time as well so this meal can be re worked into many others in the future.

Stirfry: So easy to make and very cheap and cheerful. Stirfry packet sauces cost around 50p and noodles when cooking for one will last at least 5 meals. You can make it veggie if wanted or to save money and it will use up anything in your fridge. This meal takes less than ten minutes.


Lets just start by saying the is not based on facts but option. My opinion.

So i have a one and a half year old apricot coloured cockapoo called Bertie and he is the best dog in the world. For anyone who doesn’t know what a cockapoo is i shall give you some facts about them.

    1) They are a mix of cocker spaniel and poodle
    2) They are hypoallergenic
    3) They had a long life expectancy (around 15-18 years)
    4) They come in many different colours including apricot ,golden, black,brown and variations of all in between.
    5) They are the fluffiest puppies in the world.

    1. Now we have laid down the facts I will tell you why my dog Bertie is the best. He is currently while I’m writing this curled up next to me on the sofa on my feet. This is his favourite position and he will be your hot water bottle for as long as you will allow him. Bertie is so ridiculously cuddly sometimes i do think he is a needy human child stuck in a gorgeous fluffy body. Cockapoos as a breed are extremely loving and kind natured and will genuinely be everybody friend including all other dogs (sometimes is a downside). I could relay to you so many reasons why Bertie is the best but I think really all you need to do is see a picture of him to understand. So here he is… The best dog in the world!


So my first term at Nottingham Trent has been and gone, I learnt a lot, met a lot of new people and now can reflect on wether it was what I thought it would be or different. I hope this post could give some tips on staying sane and making it through your first term.

I knew I was going to find it hard to settle in to University because I’m such a home girl. I love being in the comfort of my own house with my family and dog so I was prepared for some unsettledness but i don’t believe I was prepared for the scale this was on. This luckily only lasted around two weeks and then it became quite normal. Lets just say my first night of freshers was interesting and very short lived due to drunken emotions. Tip for freshers: If your sensitive or feel home sick do be careful with how much you drink because it will end up in tears. Speaking of freshers… don’t feel like you are obligated to go out. Try to involve yourself as much as you can but forcing yourself to go when you don’t fancy it just isn’t a good idea. I myself was an awful fresher and lasted a very weak 3 of 7 days, although I will say now I am glad I didn’t force myself as I would have just ended up wasting money.

Money itself is something that has been interesting. I remember at the very start of the term thinking “wow I don’t know why people ever say students are broke”, because at the time I seemed to have so much I was swimming in it. This is very short lived and you will very quickly find yourself eating your words or even worst not eating at all due to lack of money. This seems like hell but you soon learn how to budget and how to make a little go a long way.

The degree itself : I am very sure at this point that I made the right choice with my uni course because I find myself in ore during lectures at the knowledge and experience lecturers have. Although one small issue is finding the power in yourself to get up and into the lecture theatre. Don’t let yourself miss one because its a slippery slope into sleeping through every single one. Remember its your money your wasting nothing else.

Meeting new people can be very daunting but everyone is in the same boat and if you put yourself out there people will reciprocate the effort. Don’t worry if in the beginning you don’t feel like you belong because the people you spend your time with in the beginning won’t necessarily be the people you end up spending your time with after a few weeks have passed. Learn to treasure your own company and make effort with friends you make because its very easy to isolate yourself so force yourself to be proactive.

Please,please,please join a society even if you arn’t interested in the subject, Society’s are the best way to meet like minded people and gives you a night to look forward to each week. Don’t be intimidated because they are very welcoming and anything goes.

Reading this back it seems like I had an awful time but I can say that isn’t true but I cannot lie and pretend everything is happy days because sometimes it is hard and lonely. Just remember what your there for and don’t be too hard on yourself. Bring on term two!


This collection was my end of collage Fashion and Clothing collection. This inspiration was gender equality and I  was looking at the use of slogans and signs in marches for gender equality. I also got inspiration from the idea that children have no concept of gender and in early years dress up in whatever they want. In this case I have dressed both the girls and boys in tule over sides “princess dresses” to show the childlike naivety against the political signs and slogans.



To carry on from my previous post here are a few of my best charity shop finds


I found this coat a good 4 years ago in a charity shop in kenilworth for £10! it was such a good find as the quality is amazing and I found it right at the beginning of the faux fur/ fluffy coat trend so had been worn year in and year out every Winter since! It has been washed multiple times and always comes out fresh and fluffy and adds interest to any boring outfit. Teddy bear coats have been everywhere on the high street this winter and have cost a good £60 upwards! HERES AND EXAMPLE OF A URBAN OUTFITTERS EQUIVALENT


I found this Leather miniskirt on a recent charity shop trip where I found around 5 items. This fits me like a glove and sits high waisted just how I like skirts to be. The Leather is in amazing condition and i haven’t taken this off every since. It looks amazing with jumpers/turtle necks and ankle boots for the  ultimate 60’s vibe which is my astetic. This cost me £4 and has also been all over the highstreet for much more and often only pleather. HERES AN EXAMPLE OF A FAUL LEATHER TOPSHOP EQUIVALENT


I found this top a few weeks ago and although its nothing AMAZING i picked it up for a few reasons. 1) it being a trend piece, ruffles and metallic were both trending this past whole year and this will continue throughout 2018. 2) The quality. The t-shirt is from M&S which tells me it will wash well and not bobble. Its just a plain tee with a facelift, its as easy to style but adds interest and trend substance to your a look.


This is one of two pairs of genuine Levis Jeans I found in the same charity shop as the leather skirt recently. I always make Levis a priority on my list to look for every time i go into a charity shop because they are so well made, expensive to buy new and also hot right now for the 80’s/90’s revival. I particularaly search for Levis because the vintage shape fits my body shape better than jeans you can buy on the high street due to the snug waists and rounded loose fitting hips and leg. With the Two pairs I found on this trip i have frayed the hems to give a more relaxed and modern touch to them. A tip for finding Levis is to know the colours and feel. Levis jeans are distinctly better quality than other jeans and are much higher percentage pure denim than newer style jeans. You can flick through the jeans section very fast when looking for Levis as all you need to do is have all the jeans with their backs to you and flick through looking for that iconic leather label. One pair cost me £3 and one cost me £4. Much cheaper than the exact same thing “vintage” shops are selling for £25 upwards.


This is a beautiful Vintage cocktail dress I found a month or so ago. Its amazingly well made with darts and seams that make it fit like a glove. This was something I went out looking for but it caught my eye due to the quality of the fabric standing out at me. Its very 80’s party style which I love and this is my version of a body con dress which isn’t something I usual would wear. I think this dress is also trend based for this coming year as it has the velvet slip dress kind of feel too it which can be seen all over the high street at the moment. I haven’t yet worn this because i am going to shorten it to give it a modern twist and then I’m looking forward to having somewhere to wear it to.


This is my favourite recent find. I have been wanting a beret for a few months but didn’t want to pay the high street prices for something i knew i would be able to find in a charity shop if I looked hard enough. I was particularly hoping to find a Kangol one because it is the ultimate hat brand and the best quality. I was rummaging through a basket of hats and the logo jumped out at me. This only cost me £3!


If you found this guide at all useful please leave a comment! Feel free to follow me Here on my instagram to keep up with more finds and to see how I style these items. Thank you 🙂


I really think charity shopping should be classed as an art form. And for a charity shop lover like me living in Kenilworth is ideal, every other shop is a charity shop which means i often dedicate an afternoon to looking up and down the high street.

Over the past 5 ish years I’ve become an avid charity shopper. I am addicted to the idea of finding something special or something one of a kind. Ive put  together a list of 4 key things to follow if your looking to become a charity shopper or already are one and just haven’t been very successful till now. Ill also include some of my best charity shop finds to give you a look at whats out there. Also to you people who are grossed out by charity shops there is such thing as a washing machine!

1)Feel for quality:
Don’t spend hours looking through every single item on a rail, its just a waste of time. learn what good quality looks and feels like and eventually you will be able to look at a rail and the quality/branded items will just jump out at you. Your looking for thick luxurious fabrics. A trick if your shopping for men or items to sell on is to search through the shirts section. Make this easier for yourself by learning logos of brands and then its as simple as flicking fast through the shirts looking for that one stand out label.

2)Hit specific areas. You don’t need to worry about hitting every single corner of the shops. There a only a few worth while areas to hit and they are: Mens shirts,womens jeans/skirts, mens t shirts and accessories.

3) see it how it could be:I tend to look at an item with imaginary scissor lines, For example: A skirt can be shorneded or taken in , a t shirt can be cropped. A pair of jeans could be frayed. Use your imagination and think of how you could customise the item to suit you or current trends.

4) Understand your not always going to find treasure. Charity Shopping is a hit or miss situation, one trip you could find 5 items and another trip you will find nothing of substance but understand that they are constantly getting new donations and often when you find one item you will find more than one in one go as people tend to make donations of bulk and will have other items of your taste and size.