This project was in collaboration with the brand TSPTR. The brief was as a result of the brand noticing that a considerable amount of their sales were bought by women however they did not have any specifically female items.

For this reason they came to us at NTU Fashion Communication and promotion to produce a brand zine that would attract and more specifically connect with their younger female audience who they up until then had not been actively connecting with.

I was working in a team of two for this project and between me and my team mate we decided on the concept of “when I was your age”. This concept drew on two main elelements and these were mother and daughter connections and also the similarities specifically in style between the two generations.

We felt this concept was perfect for answering TSPTR’s brief as it would resonate with the consumer personally and also drew on the past trend influences that the brand use within their own designs and narrative.

TSPTR’s brand message is at the heart political messages disguised in humour and relatable nostalgic aesthetic. In order to make sure our concept said true to the brands political persona we created a mini Q&A book between the mothers and daughters on topics such as feminism.