As a Fashion Communication and Promotion student I am working within the idea generation and idea development area of the fashion industry. The work I produce requires understanding of all aspects of a project from initial ideas to final outcomes. I have to understand brands and consumers at a deeply dissected level and be able to react accordingly.

I have skills in visual communication, visual merchandising, consumer/ brand research and photography/editing. These skills mean I can apply myself to a range of areas of the industry including media, art direction and connecting a brand with a consumer.

The type of work I am producing is generally team orientated and I pride myself off my ability to work well in a team and as a project manager. I find working with others and bouncing ideas off each other to be very beneficial as I appreciate the skill sets of others, however I have the understanding of a broad range of industry style skills that allows me to also be successful working individually. Both scenarios I maintain professionalism and aim to work efficiently and productively.

Although I have gained skills in all aspects of the communication and promotion industry I am mostly interested in making connections between brand and consumer. I find I am a very logistical person who likes to understand and work out why/ how connections are made and how we can use these to our advantage while targeting consumers.

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