Tonight I went back to my old college to see my friend Louise’s final piece for her art foundation year. I was really impressed with the level of professionalism in the work and the amazing array of concepts shown.

Here are a few snippets of the exhibition.


So this is Louise along with her Final Major Project. I met Louise three years ago when we started our Fashion and Clothing course at Warwickshire College. Louise will be attending the London College of Fashion in September to study costume for performance.

Louise’s FMP is all about growth and decay. She had a brilliant video portraying this along side sound and a visual hanging display.

Watch the video and keep an eye on what she gets up to at Uni HERE!!!



The next step after deciding on a communication theme I did some research into the actual artists I would like to collaborate with.

I decided on three instagram based collagists who are situated in three different W Hotels locations.

@thedailysplice : A english artist.

@vypunto : An artist from Spain

@nanonpon : An artist from Japan

I next mocked up some product with the three artists and their locations as the illustration.

Keep updated here for more examples of outcomes for this assignment.


The next step in creating the look for my fragrance idea was to decide on the visual look and language of the brand. In order to do this i created three mood boards with three possible themes for the fragrance.

  1. CLASSIC AND CLEAN: This theme is the idea of sticking with how hotel products currently look. The minimalism trend has been very popular the past few years and the “laboratory” trend has been particularly big in the past year or so. The idea of knowing ingredients and trusting a brand.

2 ) COLOUR AND POP-CULTURE: this theme is playing on and linking to the idea of the W-Hotels brand being heavily linked with pop culture, music and fashion. It is the idea of the bottles themselves being collaborations with local artists.

3) The third idea is focusing on the idea of travel and memories. Having the aesthetic of the brand to be very story based and less about the product and more about the location you collect it from. Quite a simplistic look with key words and locations.

Next I wanted to make sure I got the opinion of the consumer themselves. Which luckily are all the people Who i follow/follow me back online. Therefore I chose my two top themes and created a ballot on instagram to get the opinion of the age range themselves.

The Winning theme was ” Colourful/pop-culture”. If your interest in seeing how i will use this theme to communicate the story/idea keep your eye out for part 3!



For my most recent assignment I was given the brand W Hotels to create a fragrance for. The brand is a branch of the Starwood hotels company and is aimed at millennial ages 18-30.

The Hotel company prides themselves off of being an experiential stay and somewhere connected to all sorts of pop culture for young adults to make memories.

I started off my making a simple mind map of all the ideas that first popped into my mind and then narrowed it down to three favourite ideas.

I looked into detail at the three ideas and then decided on the one “big idea”.

This is what i came up with:

” A set of Genderless fragrances. Each W hotel location to have its own specific scent linked to its location. Available in the hotel gift shops and also given in comfort packs (tester size) on flights. This means the W hotel name will be seen by people who haven’t heard of it before but also allows people who can’t afford the brand to be included ( a gateway product). The products will be part of a collection to encourage consumers to travel more to collect more and to also allow them to have a tangible way to remember their experiences and physically see their memories stack up.”

If your interested in seeing this idea through to the outcomes stage keep an eye out for the following parts of this mini series.



Soooooooooo, for anybody who doesn’t know what has gone on here let me explain, earlier this week lush the cosmetics company unveiled a new campaign. Lush are know for creating risky and attention grabbing campaigns (have a read about a previous campaign I’ve looked into HERE) however this new one has not quite gone down as planned.

The “paid to lie” campaign is shedding light on the issues facing the police recently with “spy cops” being named. It has come to the publics attention that there have been instances where Officers have been living a double life and often for years acting as spouses , friends , sexual partners to many leaders and powerful people working in activism in order to gain intelegence on their movements and intentions.

Many, many people have criticised Lush with opinions about how disrespectful it is to the officers who put their lives at risk for us , and that “its the victims fault and they should be aware of the possibilities that come with their activism roles”. However the campaign is still due to run for three weeks and im sure many more opinions will surface during that time.

I wanted to share my opinion as a Fashion Communications student who hopes to be working with the people making these decisions in the future.

I believe that the intentions of Lush were never to offend all officers and upset the public, I think they were as they normal  just trying to shed light on a situation that the public may not be aware of.

However they took a risk with the verbal and non verbal language of the campaign and it did not pay off, I think they should have taken the standpoint of helping the victims and getting their stories out there without the negative slashing of the Police.

No matter what your opinion of the situation is there is no doubting that the campaign has taught people who weren’t aware of it, that it is an issue at hand that needs addressing. Maybe this wasn’t a risk to not pay off and maybe this was the intention all along . Perhaps Lush was aware of the controversy they would make but weren’t scared of it. So maybe this is actually a very smart publicity stunt created by the Lush team and that they just have some hugeeeeeeee balls and a massive passion for the project.

Let me know your opinion I would love to know!



So you may be a bit confused about the title but let me explain…. Toddler Chic is the name I have given to everything from jumpsuits, playsuits ,babydoll dresses and any kind of 90’s accessories or jewellery. Throw back styling has been a huge trend for the last few years and it will continue to for the foreseeable future. To sum it up its dressing as an over grown toddler.


Some People might be a bit scared of this but those who know, know. its the most practical type of styling and also the most fun. Here of some examples of what I have purchased recently under my “toddler chic” umbrella.

This is the most recent addition to my wardrobe and will definatly be a favourite for the summer.  A loose fitting play suit with buttons all the way down the centre and thick straps. The fact the jumpsuit doesn’t have much shape to it means its really comfortable and childlike. I also want to add that this style of jumpsuit is a really simple shape and would be really easy to copy and make in your own desired fabric which is something I’m planning on doing.

Primark £10!!! (very recent stock so grab while its there).

So please excuse the photograph quality but this is another of my “toddler chic” choices. However this is actually children’s wear. I found this in M&S recently and was amazed to find out their sizes go up to age 16 (which btw fits me a size 10) so don’t rule out teen sizing. The oversized bow and nautical stripe is fun and playful. And I’ve had many compliments while wearing it. I’m just waiting for the day I bump into a 5 year old wearing the same thing haha.

(As well as having much more playful patterns children close also tend to be cheaper so yeh don’t rule it out as an option.)

On to Accessories. I recently found a bag in a charity shop that was identical to  some of the Shrimps bags for this season (Shrimps is a brilliant example of a brand doing this trend well, not taking themselves too seriously). The idea is looking back on the bags we as children in the 90’s and 2000″s  for our holidays to put our polly pockets in.

If your looking for anything similar to give your look a playful summer throwback feel then topshop and shrimps are doing some very similar bags. Other than that you can be patient and look through the charity shops for a genuine “2000”s holiday handbag”.

If your looking for a more subtle way to brighten up your wardrobe and styling then these next two might be for you.

Colourful hair accessories. I found these recently in Primark and have been wearing one per day ever since. They are amazing to match your outfit and to give a bit of colour to an otherwise dull outfit. I also find that with dark hair sometimes your hairstyles go missed because plaits and such kind of just blend into the darkness. These bobbles make sure that doesn’t happen.

Follow me over on instagram to see how I choose to style my “toddler chic”.