I recently helped out with a fashion photography shoot for NTU photography student Zoe along side my friend and fellow FCP student Charlotte.

This was one of Zoes first goes at Fashion Photography as she usually works with film camera shooting location and still life. She was focusing on the idea creating abstract shapes with the body in an editorial style. We experimented with various gels over the lighting and these are some of the images we collated before post production. I will try and get my hands on some of the final edited images as Zoe has intensions to cut and collage the images to follow on with the idea of creating shape.

Stay updated on here for a follow up shoot with Zoe and the post production images.


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Following on from my previous post I wanted to give a little incite into how the images were created. So here are some behind the scenes images and videos of the Nemos outcomes photoshoot.

We were lucky enough to work with a professional photographer who has a studio here in Nottingham. We met him the day before to go though the concept and he got it straight away and did an amazing job at aiding us and giving constructive criticism without emposing or changing the concept at all.

A key tip I have for directing a photoshoot with a team is to create a shot list. Its very easy to say you will decide on the day or see how it goes, but without clear vision of how the time will go you can end up all stood around making “hmm” noises hoping inspiration will hit you. Its unfair and uncomfortable for the models and photographer if they have to carry the shoot for you and take charge themselves.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing a bit of what happens behind the camera of a shoot and if you want to see more behind the scenes and post production incites then follow me over on my instagram HERE !


I am so happy with how the Nemos concepts shoot went. I think the images express exsactly what we wanted to get through via them. The idea of three different personas relating to their fragrance but also relating to the idea of connections (memory and scent). Using abstract shapes and lines which are drawn across the models and at points connect them.

 Emily was our “Jasmine“. Who’s personality is vibrant, excitable and free. 

Steph was our “lemon“. Personality is happy, bubbly and kind.

Becca was “lavender“. Personaily is calm, relaxed and peaceful.

Next for Nemos: 

The next step in this mini series is using these images within our chosen outcomes (ways of reaching our consumer). E.g an instagram campaign or imagery for print advertisement.

Watch this space to see how we use the images within our brand.

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We have been given a 1 hour slot with a photographer to create some content to use however we wish in our outcomes for the demos brand development.

In order to use the hour to its full we have planned out each shot we want and have tested how they will look/ camera angles we want by doing a short iPhone test shoot before hand. This is how it turned out.

We have decided to go quite abstract with the imagery because our consumer (Gen-z) see thousands of images per day and they need something refreshing and interesting to catch their eye. We are using the colours of the three fragrances and abstract geometric shapes/lines to draw on the idea of connections between scent and memory by physically linking our models together.

We like the idea of creating interesting backgrounds by simply holding corresponding colours behind our models.

We tested the colourful face looks using makeup first and realised it wasn’t coming up very vibrant on camera so decided in the actual shoot we will use paint so it can be seen clearer through a lens.

In order to show our consumer something they haven’t seen before we also looked into using the models without showing their faces. It allows us to do interesting crops and corresponds to the packaging and typography for the brand with the vertical and diagonal shapes.

Another idea that we like is showing a wider angle of the shot, allowing the consumer to see how the image was created. This is because it adds an element of trust and transparency which are both qualities we want our brand to have.

I will be uploading images from the professional shoot shortly with some feedback and ideas to take them forward into our outcomes.


This is a follow up from my previous post on the ideas stage of the Nemos brand development. The concepts stage is all about who we are as a brand/ what we look like and our brands voice.

“A performance enhancing product which enables you to reach your potential and be your best self” – this is what our brand is/ what the product does. Since presenting this we have decided to steer away from the word “performance-enhancing” because it links our brand with negative connotations such as drug use.

The story of our brand is what is in our heart. Trust worthiness/honesty and what we do for our consumer.

We chose a clean and simple colour pallet because people with a messy mind need clean and no faff products. Also these colours lend themselves to be gender neutral/ would look good as a set.

We had a go at mocking up some simple packaging ideas to show how our idea would come to life. we have used geometric shapes to stay clean cut. Diagonal lines shows that our brand is two sided (modern and clean/ grounded and trustworthy). We also used vertical lines because they symbolise strong sturdiness which our consumer would connect with being stable and worthy of their time and money.

At this point in the presentation we explained a small anecdote we had from when one of our tutors had smelt a perfume we had brought in and it brought her back to her teen years nannying in France, her face lit up and it was a perfect example of how scent can link to memory and make you feel happy or any emotion connected to the time you first smelt it.

The brand wheel is a industry level way of showing in a presentation all the aspects of your brand.

We created a brand position map to show where our brand will fit in the market. We decided not to position our fragrance again other fragrances because we don’t believe they are our competition. instead we think our competition is other things Gen-z buy into to enhance themselves in anyway. E.g coffee or energy drinks.

We had a look into what fonts and typography our brand would use. Typography is key because font sends a feeling out and if it does fit the brand then it can be veery confusing for the consumer. We decided on a very straight and simple yet modern font. This is because Its no faff or fads and also has the same properties as the bottle design when it comes to diagonal and vertical line symbolism.

Along with saying our product will help you unlock potential we wanted to add another emergent that would back up and solidify the trust worthy aspect of our product. We decided that they would come as sets and each fragrance would also have a scent and therefore the properties of something like lemon/jasmine and lavender. This gives the product something tangible to hold onto as what were saying our product can do is not something you can see or particularly smell it more the way you use the product.

The next section of the brand development will be outcomes. Outcomes are what would come out of our brand/how consumers connect and see our brand in the real world. This will be uploaded in the near future.


This is going to be the beginning of a mini series on my blog called “Nemos , a fragrance to remember”. Nemos being the name of a fragrance brand me and my team have created that “enables you to unlock your potential using the link between memory and scent”. This is the first section of the brand development and shows you the process we went through to research fragrance and decide the route we wanted to go down when it came to the story of our brand.

This is the ideas stage which is primary research and original and immediate ideas from the research.

At the beginning of the assignment we had a trip to London to see whats out there in the perfume market and to collect research about trends we notice/any gaps in the market. We noticed two trends 1) “the lab trend” all about simplistic packaging and scientific stories to give the consumer trust in the brand 2) “memories and experiences” drawing on the idea that memory and scent are connected and people want to buy into experiences over product. This is the trend we decided to draw from for our brand.

We noticed in many of the high end fragrance shops that sets or fragrance stories told through more than one bottle was popular , we liked this idea as it allows us to be more versatile when thinking of a concept.

When looking into ongoing issues in society I came across this artical that states ” exam students should smell rosemary for memory ” this triggered an idea in me to rule out just a regular fragrance and look into creating a brand who’s story is to help people succeed and reach their potential.

Here we have shown the thought process we as a group went through to reach the idea of a brand to enhance potential using the link between memory and scent.

A simple consumer profile helped us to show when presenting who our idea is aimed at and helps us as a group to stay on task and make sure the idea is always relating back to the consumer.

After we landed on a brand concept we collected some primary research to make sure that our idea is something that is needed/wanted for our consumer. Which it was.

The next step for Nemos is the concepts stage, the concepts stage is where we will dig deeper into the story of our brand/our morals and who we are. This will be coming soon!