I recently had the opportunity to take part in a Fragrence work shop with a company called Experimental perfume club. This was to aid a current assigment focusing on the story telling behind a product/concept.

Experimental perfume Club is a company who allow you to “design and create your bespoke fragrance in a perfume lab”. The concept of the company is “tell your story through fragrance”. They offer workshops to aspiring perfumers and offer a service to create bespoke scents for any occasion or brand.


We started out by learning some fragrance terminology. We did this by smelling and trying to pick out key notes in different fragrances we were given. In Perfume there are three main groups of scent that are used to make one fragrance/perfume:

TOP: “The intrigue, instant impression, but fleeting e.g citrus 30%”.                                       HEART: “The signature, most important characteristics e.g floral, aromatic, spicy 40%”.                                                                                                                                               BASE: “The Depth , lingers longest , roots the scent e.g oriental , woody, musky 30%”.

There are names given to scents with similar traits and these are called “Olfactory notes”. Bellow you can see common groupings.

Before we delved into mixing notes we followed the steps taken by professionals and decided on a scent story that we were aiming to create a fragrance to represent. I decided on a fragrance for a “Generation Z” politically aware individual who has no interest in conforming to gender roles especially, and is looking for a fragrance that could be sold without restrictions of who it is aimed for. With this story in mind we began mixing our notes.


In Fragrance everything is measured in Grams and adds up to 100%. This is because commonly when creating you are filling a bottle that holds 10g this just allows the mathematics to be simple. For example we used 35%/3.5g of citrus, 25%/2.5g of Amber,  15%/1.5g of Spicy,  10%/1g Woody and then accented with 10%/1g of floral and 5%/0.5g Fruity.

The workshop was thoroughly enjoyable but also extremely educational and has helped me understand terminology/ the ways to describe fragrance in ways that will allow me to articulate myself correctly and professionally when it comes to creating the story/ product for my future fragrance for the assignment.




Anybody that knows me is aware that the Harry Potter films are my absolute favourites. (Just the films because I have to shamefully admit I’ve never read the books, I know “fake fan” shame on me”. I recently visited the Warner Bros stood tour for the second time as since I went a few years ago many more has been added to the tour. let me just say its incredible and inspiring and completely overwhelming to understand the lengths gone and roles taken to create these wonderful films.


As a Fashion communication student and having studied Garment construction in the past I was amazed and appreciative of the Incredible detail on costumes and the sheer amount of costumes created. So many people were involved in creating the movies and just for costumes alone you would have multiple designers, dress makers, fitters/ dressers, just to name a few.

I was told a lot of interesting facts during my tour of the studios but some that have stuck with me are linked to the costume department. I was told by one guide that some of the Gringots Goblins were actually played by Warwick Davis’s children! Warwick himself actually played a professor at Hogwarts and the conductor for the school choir. I also was told that on the day of filming the scene in the forbidden forrest with Luna walking barefoot , special rubber boots that fit like a sock and replicated her bare feel were created in order to allow the actress to walk around in the cold on un even surfaces without being in pain so she could focus on the scene and not be in any discomfort.


This was the most overwhelming part for me because its easy to not notice the endless props while watching the movies but when looking up close and seeing how many tens of thousands of props were created its almost emotional to understand the time and effort that went into creating them. Here is a tiny glimpse into a few of the props I saw on the tour.

When visiting the potions classroom I was told by a guide that each student in that room was given a “text book” which had a realistic potion intrusions on each page. This had to be done so if the camera passed a student there would defiantly be something relevant to the class on the page. To “keep the magic alive” she said. She also told me that this was beneficial for the actors and extras in the scene as they were all young and bored after many takes of the same scene so it gave them something to actually read and engage in while filming.


Some people may think that by seeing the sets stripped down without the special effects may ruin the magic of the movies but I beg to differ. Its incredible to see how fragments of a room or a house are filmed in such innovative ways that we as the viewer are none the less, and buy into this being a real world. Perspective is used so cleverly when filming to give illusions. One particular set that amazed me was the Leaky Cauldron Hallway. In the books and films its a long rickerty hall way which would be too extensive to create in full. So a much smaller set was made that tapers at the end of the corridor (Alice in Wonderland style) so when filmed straight on gave the illusion of a 50ft corridor. Also there was a scaled down version of Gringots bank which was used when showing full shots of the building or sweeping sky shots.

One detail in the Griffidoor Common room particularly caught my eye because It goes un noticed in the films but adds depth and realism to the sets. Hanging on the wall of the Girifindoor common room are portraits of part griffin door great wizards and there is actually one of Professor McGonagall.

I thoroughly recommend the tour to all Harry potter lovers and also to people who may not have much of a love for them but may be art and design lovers keen to learn more about the different processes involved.


Recently on my degree we have been looking into Innovative branding and Converse is a brand who stood out to me as being just that. I, like many have been part of a generation who grew up wearing converse for practicality as children and still choose to wear them now as an adult. I have had a pair of converse throughout my whole life and this is why. Converse are effortlessly cool, extremely affordable and yet still amazing quality and stand the test of time. (In some opinions even getting better with time.)

So why are Converse so “innovative” in their branding?…They know how to please everyone and are appealing to all markets. I had a look into what archetypes converse can fit themselves into. Using many of the same images I found at least five different groupings I could arrange them into.

Theres a pair of converse for everyone and they are non exclusive. With everyone from a three year old, your Grandma and Gigi Hadid wearing them. The brand understands the need to develop with the world and does so by choosing ambassadors carefully. People they view as up coming and in the midst of the pop culture. This is a recent advertisement campaign called “forever chuck” showing people/ celebrities from all different sectors candidly wearing Chucks. Including Millie Bobby Brown a upcoming star thoroughly routed in todays pop culture due to staring roll in award winning series Stranger Things. The brand is aware of its surroundings and keeps itself relevant without shoving itself in our faces.



Just making a little wish list for anybody who fancy making getting me a little gift;)

These are a few things I have been lusting over for the past few weeks/months and years.

I saw these flares before Christmas and fell in love. I didn’t purchase them because i had a feeling they would go into the sale. And I was correct. Click HERE to get them at the sale price.

Its safe to say that the Baker boy cap has had a huge come back this past season. I have wanted one for a little while but have been holding off because I had a feeling that they wouldn’t be around too long, however I think i may be wrong so I could be very soon purchasing this particular one. Click HERE  to purchase. 

I have wanted one of these shaggy cardigans since about September but event wanted to take the plunge because I’m not sure wether its worth the money but i will be for sure pouncing on it as soon as there is a sale. This can be worn day and night and will spice up any outfit. 

So there we have it a few of my items on my wish list right now. If anybody fancy treating me it would not go un-noticed.


I really believe the Topshop X Stranger things collaboration was the best of 2017. It was so clever and extremely successful.

Topshop noticed the buzz Stranger things had created during season 1 and made sure they were going to be the first to sell merchandise for the show. This was perfect for Topshop because the series and the shop have the exact same audience and topshop had realised because of the shows 80’s setting the revival of the 80’s in fashion that there was a gap in the market for bringing stranger things off the screen and into fashion.

They were very clever in the Launch of the collection and created a huge buzz around it by creating installations of scenes from the series in the head oxford street store. People were so excited because the show had became cult and being able to see the sets in person brought the love for the show to new extremes. The fact the merchandise was limited made it even more special as people were rushing to grab something before it was all gone.

I really do think this was the best campaign of 2017 because it supported both sides. The show gained even more anticipation and topshop many more customers.


Although investing sounds like it would be expensive it is cheaper in the long term. Investing in your look saves you from constantly wasting your money on fast fashion. However there are only certain items that I would invest in and these are : Bags, shoes, coats/jackets and accessories.

A good classic bag can last you a lifetime and if picked correctly will never go out of style.  A good quality bag does not have to cost you thousands, there are plenty of lower scale designers who’s quality and style are just as good. For example : Micheal Kors , Ralph Lauren , Marc Jacobs and plenty of others.

When it comes to accessories other than bags I believe an item worth investing in is a good pair of sunglasses. beside the fact that bad quality sunglasses can do more harm to your eyes than good they often don’t last very long. the plastic becomes brittle and they are easily breakable. Along with quality a good pair of sunglasses can change an entire look. A nice pair of designer glasses can take a Primark outfit and make it look expensive. Sunglasses are also a great way into the designer market because they are the most affordable products high end companies sell. Have a look into Raybans , Celine and my favourite Muimui.


A good pair of shoes can be worn day in day out and simply have the heels updated when needed. Leather lasts a life time and Colour stays bright. Shoes do not need to be expensive and do not need to be designer in order to be good quality as most hughstreet stores sell leather, well heeled shoes for a reasonable price. Shoes are a necessity so save yourself the time money and hassle and invest in a good pair. 


The fabulous thing about Faux fur is that it instantly jazzes up any outfit. You could have in the most simple outfit and imediatly look put together by throwing on a Faux fur jacket. (Notice I am saying Faux Fur and not fur because everybody knows real fur is just not jazzy at all.) Here are a few ways I have styled my new favourite faux fur piece.

This is a faux fur coat from Gap that I got in the black Friday sales. I have not yet had a day where I haven’t worn it.

My tips are to keep it simple and slick underneath and let the jacket do the talking. Figure hugging clothing makes for a clean silhouette and lets the colour of the jacket pop.

Here i have styled it with knee high boots for a more put together sophisticated look.

Here i have styled it much more casually with a pair of flares ,crop top and pair of trainers. I really felt like myself in this outfit because it was comfortable and relaxed but still put together and sassy because of the pink fur.

I really do think everybody needs a coloured Faux fur piece in their wardrobe. It changes the way you see outerwear as sometimes it can be seen that a jacket ruins the outfit. But Faux fur IS the outfit.



I want to tell you about a Podcast that has genuinely changed the way I think about the industry I want to go into and also changed the gap between myself and this seemingly unreachable “success” I strive for. Girlboss radio is a podcast ran by Girlboos medias CEO Sophia Ammarusso. I have written a blog post about Sophia in the past which you can read HERE explaining her background and why she , to me is the ultimate Girlboss and inspiration to aspiring business women and just women in general. The podcast is a weekly dedication to all self made women not only from the fashion industry but from all walks of life. Sophia and her weeks guest who have In the past included CEO of and CEO of cosmetic brand Carols Daughter. Sophia and her guest talk you through everything up to the point they are at now. Childhood, schooling and all the details on how their platforms were created.

Sophia is explaining and bridging the gap for us how something goes from an idea to a fully functional business. The aim is to show that anybody with an idea or passion can monazite it. The podcast gives me a sense of power that if I did decide to I could become my own boss. The women she interviews are so inspiring and the dialect used in the conversations is astonishing and really allows you as an outsider to understand that self made “success” is not an untouchable ,dreamy idea but more of a fallen into step by step process. The help me know that if you yourself don’t have the tools to run every aspect as long as you have the ambition its just about gaining contacts and knowing the right people who know the right things.

I highly recommend the podcast to aspiring business women or just anybody who want to have their mind opened up and to allow yourself to know there are options out there wether you have 1 pound to your name or not a single qualification on your Cv. You can listen to the pod cast HERE


Cooking was not something I was good at before I moved out and into halls. Not because I’m not capable but because I just never really had an inspiration or ambition to try and make anything other than macaroni cheese or toast.

Well those two meals get extremely repetitive after about a week of having them everyday so I have had to start at least trying to come up with something slightly more interesting while on a budget and with low cooking skill sets. These are some of my favourites.

Risotto: Risotto was always something my mum would make and I would love but I just presumed was out of the option. This however is not the case. you can have pretty much whatever fillings in risotto and the rice itself is so easy and takes barely any looking after. My favourite fillings for it are bacon and broccoli,Mushroom and any kind of Veg. It takes 20 mins however only about five of those twenty actually need monitoring. Price wise its a win because all you need it the rice itself which is cheap and then the cost of the meal is up to you depending on what you want to fill it with.

Bacon wrapped Cheesy Chicken: This is one of my FAVOURITE meals because its soooo filling and reminds me of home. Sooo easy to make and can go with whatever you want, be it chips or veg. It sounds like it could be pricey but when cooking for one person it is as cheap as anything else. Buy a pack of chicken breasts and freeze the left overs for another meal. Cheese lasts a very long time when in the fridge so that can be used time and time again and Bacon has a reasonably long keeping time as well so this meal can be re worked into many others in the future.

Stirfry: So easy to make and very cheap and cheerful. Stirfry packet sauces cost around 50p and noodles when cooking for one will last at least 5 meals. You can make it veggie if wanted or to save money and it will use up anything in your fridge. This meal takes less than ten minutes.